Pacific Coast Iris

A short description of Pacific Coast Iris group.

This is a group of evergreen Iris whose parents are indigenous to the Pacific north west of the USA. They come in a sumptuous array of colours and flower mid to late spring.

The principal species used for the hybridisation of this group is Iris innominata whose colours are variable. These are woodland Iris preferring sheltered conditions in partial or dappled sun.They will grow in full sun in the cooler parts of the country. They dislike alkaline soils preferring acidic or neutral hummus rich soils.

Because the climate of the Pacific north west is characterised by cool wet winters and long dry summers so it is that these plants are well suited to our conditions in South Eastern Australia. These Iris are easy from seed. If you grow more than one colour the seedlings colour could be variable. Division must be done between May and July just as they are emerging from dormancy and new white roots are showing. Division at other times of the year particularly during summer dormancy may well result in failure.

Because of this Iris’s dislike of root disturbance I will always post them potted and the price will reflect this.

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