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Cyclamen Species in Australia

The common florist Cyclamen is very often a benchmark gardeners set for the entire genus. To Judge a genus on the performance of one of its members is often a mistake. The florist Cyclamen we are all familiar with are hybrids from the species Cyclamen persicum. The persicum hybrids flower very young, they’re often short […]

Pacific Coast Iris

A short description of Pacific Coast Iris group. This is a group of evergreen Iris whose parents are indigenous to the Pacific north west of the USA. They come in a sumptuous array of colours and flower mid to late spring. The principal species used for the hybridisation of this group is Iris innominata whose […]

How to regenerate Geranium in late spring

In this article we will look at how to regenerate geranium in late spring. By late spring many of the cranesbills have past their spring best. The leaves are large, soft and tall. Sometimes the whole clump has fallen open. This is the time to cut the whole clump right to the ground. It’s better […]


It was never my intention to accumulate Hosta as one of my collections and I have not deliberately sought them out but rather they have come to me. A great friend who had collected Hosta for many years suddenly decided she had enough of them and that I was to be the recipient of her […]


The rise in popularity of indoor plants is a phenomena which crept up on me, initially I had just a smattering of requests and would offer Haemanthus albiflos or Pseudopanax lessonii. This was the extent of plants I sold which have the potential to grow indoors. However when the requests changed from a trickle to […]